ICHRoboter iCleaner 218 Robótico Automatic Pool Cleaner com escovas duplas poderosas e ideal para piscina no solo

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  • 【Brand Name】ICHRoboter
  • 【Model Number】iCleaner-218
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Descrição do produto


The   Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner with Favorable Price is a new type of effective cleaning equipment independently developed by our company. It has three parts, the cleaning machine, the power console and the control panel. The cleaning machine is controlled by computer and thoroughly scrubs the bottom and sides of the pool which continuously filtering water. It does not need to change water after cleaning utterly changes the traditional way of pool cleaning, which not only saves physical labor and expensive costs but also valuable water resources. The product originates at home and takes a lead in the world as a result of its high performance-to-price ratio.


1).Automatic cleaning: the default mode is automatic while the machine is on power: when you power on the     machine, the default mode is automatic mode, but if you operate the remote control, the mode will change to manual mode.

2).Overall cleaning: the machine not only clean bottom of pool, but also clean wall, at the same time, the machine will filter water, the dirt will be collected into filter bag. (the default accuracy is 70um, you can select other accuracy of filter bag)

3).Timing cleaning: you can set the clean time with remote control, the machine will shut down when cycle time is over. 

4).Manual cleaning: use the remote control to clean specific areas immediately.

5).Self protection out of water: impeller decelerates to stop in one second while the machine will be pulling out  the water, in case of personal injury.

6).Stop protection: the machine will stop when the impeller is retarded by goods

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ICHRoboter
Model Number:ICleaner-218
Color:Light blue
Rated Power:200W
Cycle Time:0.5h/1h/2h
Buoyant Cable Standard Length:15m
Recommended Cleaning Range:100-200m²
Moving Speed:15m/min
Maximum Climbing Height:180cm
Cleaning Width:34cm
Cleaning Speed:80-1202/h


If you are spending more time cleaning your pool than enjoying it, you need the ICHRoboter robot at your place.

Let a ICHRoboter robot take the hard work out of cleaning your pool.


Product Feature

The iCleaner comes standard with all the features you would expect from far more expensive brands:
• a genuine wall climbing robot                         
• a caddy to move and store your robot
• a full function, wireless remote contro • sponge wheels suitable for all pool surfaces
• 300 liters per minute of filtration                    
• a 24 months warranty
• 3 different filtration grades available              
• exceptional after sales service
• Z programming for systematic cleaning
• Reverses when exiting a beach entry pool
• Rights itself if it becomes inverted
• Choice of 3 cycle times .0.5hr, 1hr ,2hrs and 1hr, 2hr, 4hr
• Auto switch off at the end of the cycle
• Targets specific areas with the use of a remote control
• Two drive motors for maneuver ability
• Suitable for all pool shapes and surfaces
• Filtering 300 liters per minute
• 200 watts of cleaning power
• Two powerful drive motors provide
   outstanding climbing capability.
3)Durable and real value for money
• Robust design and rugged good looks
• Proven reliability
• Do it yourself servicing
• Affordable replacement parts
• 24 months warranty
• Caddy Cart and Remote control included

Work Priciple

The Automatic Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Remote controller is a new type of highly efficient swimming pool cleaning robot.

Through its advanced computer controlled program, it can clean the pool walls and bottom automatically. 

At the same time, it fillters the pool water and gets rid of suspended particles.

It's also SAFE:

Why ICHRoboter                                                                         

1.All our products are manufactured with advanced equipment and strict QC procedures in order to ensure high quality

2.Guaranteeing stable and timely supply, credible quality and sincere service.

3.Classic Aftersale Serive 

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Tempo de espera : 20 Dia
Detalhes de empacotamento: 1.1 set/color box , 2 cartons/set, 2. Package in the production line 3. Side face and Front face of Package for robotic pool cleaner

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